My New Bushcraft knife complete build and end result.

My 2nd bushcraft knife I created has served me well and almost does everything I want it to. But its time to retire it and build a good all round knife that will easily de limb small branches, baton fire wood and will also create some good fine feather sticks. To me my knife is a tool and should be able to withstand the abuse that its designed for. The new knife will have a kukri type shape and be heavier at the tip. Making it good for chopping smaller limbs.















After heating up the truck leaf spring and hammering it straight, I had to let it cool down before cleaning and marking the design onto the metal. I m unsure weather I ll put a fuller onto the blade yet.







After straightening out the crooked blade its time to get the heat treating done, I m going to do two heats on the blade, taking it above critical temperature both times to normalize the blade and settle the molecules in the steel. After this is done, its time to do the final heat then quench in oil.



Knife quenched, this makes the steel hard and brittle, something that’s no good in a knife blade. So how do we soften up the steel so its not brittle?… By baking it at 425F for 2 hours in a toaster oven, this is the tempering process.








Before the boiled linseed oil and final sand…..


After the boiled linseed oil and final sand….


Thanks for reading and watching,  I will make some videos of me putting it through its paces very soon.

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till the next time