Minimalist bushcraft weekend at the end of the month. Question is knife or Tamahawk?

Figured I would get my readers in put into this. At the end of this month I am putting together a minimalist bushcraft weekend with a couple of my buddies.

The rules I have set are as follows:

We must forage or catch our food. The Only carried in food on site will be for emergencies only.

We each get 5 personal gear choices to bring in. (Non collaborated choices each person bring kit for if they had to live In the woods alone)

One cutting tool (saw, axe or knife) counts as one piece of your  personal kit.

First aid/safety gear doesn’t count as item. Safety first as always.

Two of us have agreed to go barefoot the whole weekend.

I am trying to decide on my cutting tool. I m not taking my camping axe that would make things to easy. A saw has limited functions so thats a no. That leaves me with a choice between my new Estwing tamahawk or my knife.

That’s my question to you my readers, ¬†what would be your choice and why?


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The one with the most amount of mentions will be the one I take.

I m looking forward to hearing from you.