Burning out a wooden mug

When you don’t have a container in the woods it is possible to make one with just a hook knife and some hot embers from your fire and bush made chopsticks.

Start by roughly shaping your container and carving out an indent where you will place your embers to burn away the wood.


Next add your embers using some green bush made chopsticks and blow on them to begin burning away the wood in the centre. Take it slow and only burn little bits at a time as heating the wood to much may cause cracks throughout. Burn with the embers and scrape with the hook knife repeat and manipulate the embers to burn the desired areas.


My end depth and shape


I used a rock to give the mug a smooth down then added so oil to the wood for the final finish.



What better way to test your creation. I will be making more so stay tuned for a more in depth video.

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No frying pan…. no problem, here’s a rock solid way to cook your bacon.

If you don’t have a frying pan with you, find yourself a flat rock one that isn’t,

from a river bed, is completely dry and isn’t made of flint or concrete because these could explode once they are heated up.

place your cooking rock on top of two support rocks then build your fire underneath. Light your fire, stand back and let the fire heat the rock up slowly (there still is a risk of the rock exploding).

Once the rock is nice and hot put your food on, be it bacon, sausage, steaks etc and cook as you would in a frying pan. If you are cooking eggs, add a little oil, butter or wait until the fat from the meat is coating the rock surface so it doesn’t stick.





A great read

If you are into bushcraft and survival, this is a great read. The journal of Samuel hearne a Hudson’s Bay employee in the late 1700s tasked with finding a route across the Barron wilderness of the North East Territories. He describes I good detail,  some of the skills used by native hunters to subsist off the land whilst on his journey.



A slight modification to my estwing tomahawk

the original hawk can be seen here

Estwing tomahawk


Felling a tree/tree limb with a hand saw

Safety first as always, making sure the landing area is clear before starting to cut.


The saw I use is my

Fiskers D handled saw 

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Snow shoes in the bush

I made these last winter and I will demonstrate how to make these this winter. The one thing i will do differently next time is use slightly thinner sticks so i can bend the toe end up.DSCF8563

As you can see by my friend Collins foot this snow is deep.


How to take a poo in the woods.

Here is a basic clothed demonstration of how to take a poo in the woods.

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