The water bottle debate. 

(I don’t own a nalgine but this Brita bottle paints the right picture my steel water bottle holds exactly a litre of water making it easy for working out water purification) 

I see a lot of survivalists and bushcrafters mentioning nalgine bottles for their go to water container. I myself am a strong metal water container advocate and heres why.

A stainless steel water container is

  • Solid and hard to puncture
  • Can be used with fire to boil water 
  • Doesnt hold flavour or smell
  • Water stays warmer for longer
  • Cheap to find at thrift stores 
  • No Worrying about  chemicals leaching into your water
  • Can be used as a fishing line spool


  • Heavyer than nalgine 
  • Noisey 
  • Hard to fix once punctured

 I can’t see the reason why anyone would trust their water supply in a plastic container other than the pretty colours and the variety of shapes that plastic water containers offer. All I see is a liability and lost water waiting to happen. 

Just my 2 sense 😊

Please share like and comment I will be bringing you more videos soon when I can acquire another camera. 

Thanks for reading stay safe out there 


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