Reusable water bladder

In todays society alot of us get lost in the enormous amount of gear choices out there, when it comes to bushcraft and camping. Here is one potentially free idea for you to save some money for a decent quality water bladder and the only thing that’s plastic on it is the spout. 

If your lucky enough to be in a country where Tim Hortons rules the coffee world,  at some point,  someone will buy coffees   for your group in a container like this. 

When it’s empty open up the cardboard box and you will find a decent quality bladder for transporting water in,  with care.  At a push you could  definitely boil water in it and it folds down to nothing.  The bladder holds 3.5litres a decent amount of water.

To make it even more robust you could fashion a cover to protect it. 

I hope this is helpful to everyone and shows that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on kit to get out into the woods.

Thanks for reading more coming soon